The SkyHub has no financial incentive and is supported completely by volunteers. There are a few ways you can help out. 

Donate Now


As of September 4th, 2020, We have become an official legally recognized incorporation are running currently as an exempt non-profit.

As an exempt non-profit,  your donations can be tax deductible under this rule, and a receipt can be provided.

We are working on official Non-Profit 501C(3) status, and hopefully will be officially recognized by the IRS by 2021.

Please contact

Equipment Donation

  • We can always use more gear to expand the system. Any amateur radio related equipment including radios, cabling, antennas or tools is highly appreciated.


  • Building repeaters, maintenance, and other projects all take time. If you want to gain some experience and help out with the expansion of the SkyHub, please follow the link under contact information. 

Monetary Donation

Repeater Sites

  • If you have access to some space on a communications site, we are always looking at expanding, and would greatly appreciate anything. We are willing to trade RF engineering expertise, maintenance, and will keep any site in a very cleanly order for a very small rack and antenna space at a new site.