SkyHub Link Net Schedule

If you would like to have a NET on the system, we do need to co-ordinate for the various repeater systems.  Please email Jack direct at  


DAILY 1pm MTN all linked repeaters across the system

Join Gary NC2WX for the SkyHubLink Severe Weather NET at 1pm Mountain time until approximately 1:45 for weather updates for SkyHubLink repeater coverage areas and especially for severe weather outbreaks.  NETS can be formal or informal depending on the need of the day.   Also we are looking for other ham radio operators with an interest in weather and especially trained weather spotters to help with NCS duties in other SkyHubLink repeater coverage areas.  See the webpage at for more information.  Contact Gary, “” if you might be interested in helping out!  NEW NOTE: During Severe Weather Outbreaks and formal Weather Nets the system may be sectioned off into different area’s from the rest of the SkyHubLink System.  Announcements will be made and Gary will be the NCS for these times.  Keep a weather eye out and an ear on your local repeater during Severe Weather during the season.

Gary NC2WX, NET CONTROL, Pueblo West


Monday: 7 PM MTN All linked repeaters across the system

SkyHubLink Monday Night System NET

This net is run by the administrator of the SkyHub, Jack KE0VH. The net talks about topics related to  Amateur Radio.  The net generally runs until 8:30pm so check in when you can. We usually have a net question of the night and it always sparks good idea’s and information to share from ALL of our experiences in Ham Radio.

It is open and ALL Amateur Radio operators are asked to check in with us.  If you would like to be on the NET email list go to the Join/Contact page of 

IF you would like to have a NET on the SkyHub Link system contact us for scheduling and information.


Monday Nights, 8:30 PM Rocky Mtn Radio League NET

449.450 disconnects from the SkyHub Links at 8:15PM, combined with the RMRL’s 146.940 for the Rocky Mountain Radio Leage club net.


Tuesday: 7 PM MTN All linked repeaters across the system

BEGINNING OCTOBER 11th, the Colorado ASTRONOMY NET hosted by the Rocky Mountain Radio League and SkyHubLink, with Burness KIØAR is coming to SkyHubLink.  The Colorado ASTRONOMY NET has been on the 146.940 RMRL repeater since 1996 and is very interesting with Burness bringing an expert knowledge of the subject that is very thorough and enjoyable for the amateur radio community.  Not only great astronomical information but interesting subjects related to all things in the heavens!

Here’s the link to the KI0AR newsletter:

It’s called the IAAS Monthly Astronomy Newsletter

IAAS is the International Association for Astronomical Studies


SkyHubLink says thank you and goodby to the AbsoluteTech NET

Absolute Tech is a technology net for ham radio operators and others that covers a broad spectrum of technology but, not limited to ham radio devices or applications. New and neat-old technology is covered.   See their webpage at for all the information.  Be sure to check their webpage for ways to link in, and again we thank Scott N4UPC and the crew for being with us.


Wednesday Nights, 7:00 PM Digital Learning Net all linked repeaters across the system digital, analog, and all modes!

Join KE0DC and W0SUN on the radio or Google Meet where we have an hour of Q&A about everything digital radio. It’s held on Wednesdays at 19:00 (7pm) MST on the Sky Hub Link System. 

BM DMR TG 310847 

WiRES-X 46361 

YSF 92722 

D-Star XRF031C 

Google Meet at 

YouTube at


THURSDAYS on All linked repeaters across the system

Join the SARA NET from the San Louis Valley amateur radio club at 8 pm every Thursday Night and check out their information at:

After more than 10 years on Monday nights, now the time slot is new, 7PM the fourth Thursday of the month join Randall AE7RJ from Spokane for the NEW SBE Chapter 73’ of the Air HAM RADIO REPEATER NET. Randall will be taking SBE Check in’s and making announcements. If you are an SBE Member you will be able to take checking into the net as a half point credit for your SBE Re-certification.  You can also see more information at 




Saturday 12:NOON MTN time, the SKYHUBLINK Swapfest NET

Join Robert KC8GPD and alternate NET CONTROL Becky KDØAOE for the “SkyHubLink HIGH NOON Swapfest NET!  Robert will be taking check in’s and listing amatuer radio things to buy/sell/trade.  We hope to hear you on Saturdays at HIGH NOON MTN TIME!  We are PROUD and HAPPY to team up with the RMRL for listings for hams to buy/sell/trade amateur radio related items.

IF you would like to submit an item for buy/sell/trade for the NET, and Also the Rocky Mountain Radio League’s Swaplist NET, please click on this link.


Saturday Nights 7PM MTN time, 9PM Eastern  

The America Link International Wires-X NET 

The 449.625 Mt. Morrison repeater, 449.600 Littleton, 447.800 Loveland/Mt. Milner, 447.425 Colorado Springs, 447.900 Pueblo, 447.950 Dillon/Silverthorne, 147.360 Auburn/Rocklin/Roseville/Sacramento CA, 444.500 Spokane WA, 447.650 Cedar Point/Limon, 447.150 Hugo, and 447.400 Laramie/Cheyenne Fusion Wires-X repeaters (448.350 locally in the Denver area remains locked to SkyHubLink) are usually connected to Wires X Fusion room 21080 “AMERICA LINK” on Saturday evenings for this net.  Join NCS stations Paul K1NRA, Jeff WA3PNY, Russ NC3C, and Jack KEØVH for fun discussion and stations from all over the world on America Link Wires-X room 21080.


Sunday 1st and 3rd  evenings each month, 7:00 pm Mountain time All linked repeaters.  The Scouting Net for the Denver area Council is on the Skyhublink system, all linked repeaters. George KAØBSA is NET control

The Denver Area Scout – Ham Radio Net meets on the first and third Sundays of each month at 7:30pm Mountain time on the SkyHubLink, NET CONTROL is George Weber KA0BSA.  The Denver Area Council (Denver Metro Area) recently acquired much of the Western Slope of Colorado.   It is a great way to keep in touch and hear about Scout activities like JOTA and other Radio/Scouting adventures.

This net is an opportunity for ham radio operators and Scouts and Scouters of all ages to get together and help promote Scouting. General announcements of upcoming Scout events in the area are welcome and all stations listening, whether registered Scouts or not, are invited to participate in this net.

Trustee for KB0BSA; Denver Area Council Boy Scouts Amateur Radio Club.