The SkyHub Supports many Internet Linking Modes. Please note, all of the modes below require an amateur radio license to operate.  This is a basic look at primary linking systems and internet connections.  Individual descriptions of the system components are below.  The diagram represents only part of what may be connected at any time.

For a diagram of all of the main software components on the main hub, please click here. 

AllStar – 46079

AllStar Link is used as the Back-Bone between all of the connections. The main hub node number is 46079. Please visit for more information on the AllStar system.

AllStar link supports the telephone portal, and you can dial the hub via this method. You will need an AllStar link account with license verified to get a Secure PIN number to use the telephone portal. The telephone portal is at (763)-230-0000

DMR – 310847

There are currently two DMR networks supported by the SkyHub. Brandmeister, and a private DMR server.

To connect to the SkyHub via BrandMeister, simply connect to talkgroup 310847 through a hotspot or repeater.

To connect directly to the SkyHub server, enter the following credentials in your MMDVM based Hotspot or repeater:


PASSWORD: passw0rd ( 0 = zero )

PORT: 62030

TALKGROUP: 310847 ( Program your radio with this talkgroup)

Wires X –  SkyHubLink 46361

Please click here for more detailed information on accessing Wires-X and hotspot usage.

You can access the hub via Yaesu System Fusion. If you have a Wires-X node or Radio with the HRI-200 interface, Wires-X is available at the DENVERSKYHUBLINK Room.

IF you want to operate one of our FUSION repeaters on another link, for instance our Wires-X connections available on 449.625 and 449.600 in the Denver area, 447.950 Dillon, 447.800 Loveland, 447.400 Laramie/Cheyenne,  447.425 Colorado Springs,  447.650 Cedar Point (Limon), 447.600 First View, 447.150 Hugo CO, Fusion repeaters, please before switching announce with your callsign, which repeater your are on by frequency, and that you want to switch the repeater to another Wires-X room.  We ask that you don’t just do it cold without identifying as you are transmitting thru many different systems.  But otherwise feel free to operate the Wires-X system on these 4 repeaters and HAVE FUN!

The 448.350 FUSION Digital machine is NOT Wires-X switchable being locked to SkyHubLink permanently.  Please don’t use Wires-X mode on your radio for this repeater as you don’t need to be in Wires-X mode but simply in C4FM digital mode “DN” on your Yaesu radio.

The room number for SkyHubLink is 46361

Some explanation and helpful understanding about Yaesu Wires-X and Fusion Digital:

Yaesu calls its system “Fusion” really no more than a marketing name that uses C4FM mode of digital modulation (how your voice is transmitted).

YSF is also C4FM, but has absolutely nothing to do with Yaesu the company.  However, since it is using the same modulation techniques, you can access the YSF Reflector network via your hotspot with your Yaesu Fusion digital radio.

“Wires-X” is Yaesu’s method and marketing name on connecting digital only Yaesu repeaters via the internet.

That being said, your hotspot while not directly able to connect to a Yaesu Wires-X “room” can connect to some YSF reflectors that are bridged to Wires-X (and coincidentally DMR and other modes) similar to how we are doing it in SkyHubLink.

If you connect your hotspot to SkyHubLink via YSF reflector 92722, then you will come out ALL SkyHubLink repeaters thru our SkyHubLink bridge, including analog, DMR, Fusion, etc.  Again, see the SkyHubLink Website for all details on how this works.  Plus lists of repeaters.

You cannot go thru a Fusion repeater directly though with just an analog radio.  You must have a digital mode radio to access the repeater and the network that way.  However, that is part of “SkyHubLink” mission.  To bridge analog and digital modes with our hub system.  The same can be said of DMR.

YSF Reflector- 92722

If you have a fusion radio, but no Wires-X hardware, you can access the SkyHub via the YSF Reflector 92722. This is how hotspots communicate with Fusion digital.

On an MMDVM based hotspot or repeater, please select: YSF 92722 US Skyhub Link from the drop down window on YSFReflector.  Please make sure that the “Wires-X Passthrough” in the YSF Configuration is turned OFF.

The details of the reflector are below:


NODE: 92722

Port: 42000

P25 Digital- 10294

If you have a Digital Project 25 based node, repeater, or radio, you can connect to the P25Reflector via a hotspot or repeater.

The details for the SkyHub P25 Link are shown below:

Talkgroup: 10294

Server IP:

Port: 41000

On a Pi-Star based hotspot, this is what the p25hosts file should look like

10294     41000

EchoLink- W0SKY-L

The hub is connected to the EchoLink server W0SKY-L. You can connect a SmartPhone through the EchoLink app, or use an EchoLink enabled repeater.

Echolink Node number 985839.


IRLP-Reflector 9875

We are back on IRLP! (Internet Radio Linking Project) Please join us on the Tristate Reflector (Formally Denver Reflector) 9875 ( 987 Channel 5)


As of December 2019, The SkyHub is connected through D-Star through XRF031C.

To connect on a DSTAR repeater, the DEXTRA protocol is used and you will need to be running the ircddbgateway software, the standard G3 ICOM software does not support XRF’s.

To connect through a hotspot, please run the latest update on your hotspot to refresh the reflector list. If you still cannot connect on your client, please enter the following information for the XRF:


Reflector number: XRF031

The dashboard for this reflector is available at


Hamshack Hotline: 94073

As of April 2021, we now support HamShack hotline. We are on extension 94073. Once you link into the node, please use *99 to key up, and # to unkey.

To use hamshack hotline, please visit for more information.

M17: M17-SKY (In Progress)

The M17 mode is a cutting edge new digital mode which is the first completely open source mode and uses the codec2 vocoder.

This reflector is relatively new, and is still not connected into the main SkyHub as we work on getting it linked.

If you want to experiment with this mode, please use the following information to connect.


Reflector number: M17-SKY

The dashboard for this reflector is available at


Currently, we have no demand for these modes. I am not going to install this unless people want it. If you want either of these installed, please ship me  ( W0SKY ) a NXDN or TETRA radio to test with so I can make sure it is working properly.