The Denver SkyHub link, N2SKY, is an all-mode link system providing a communication bridge between many amateur radio repeaters and networks.  The overall purpose of the SkyHubLink System is to provide the following:

  1.  Enable anyone with any mode radio to essentially contact anyone with any mode radio anytime anywhere.
  2.  To provide repeaters with activity to let other hams know they are there on the air.
  3.  To interconnect different regions with each other for fun and possible emergency use when needed.
  4.  To promote good amateur practice and friendship for all.

The hub is completely free for anyone to operate with an amateur radio license and supports emergency communications, recreational communications, and special events such as Edge of Space Sciences Balloon launches.

The system is centered in Denver, Colorado providing excellent state wide coverage through various repeaters in Colorado, but is not limited to Colorado, and anyone can link in from around the world. Please see the Repeaters page for all of the current permanent links and the Connections page for link systems.

The project is carried out as a group effort between

Please take a look at the various pages on the website for a list of repeaters, coverage maps, and connection modes. Any equipment, time, or monetary donation is greatly appreciated to keep the system running. Please head over to the Support page if you are interested.

If you would like to become a member of the Denver SkyHub link, N2SKY (free), or want to contact, one of us, please visit the Contact / Join  page.

See the latest happenings with SkyHubLink and other amateur activities by going to Jack’s “The KEØVH Hamshack” article by clicking HERE.

IMPORTANT OPERATING PROTOCOLS & PROCEDURES.  We ask that as you are using the system on one of the associated repeaters that due to digital linking, please leave a 5 second space between transmissions to allow someone on another mode or repeater to be able to break in.  It also helps if you hold your PTT key for about a half second after you speak your last syllable, so that you won’t be “cut off” with your last word.  Ask frequently if there is anyone else who would like to break in or join the conversation.  Being too tight with the PTT can exclude someone trying to get in from another mode.  Don’t be quick on the PTT trigger as it were or others may not be able to join in.  While we definitely encourage longer fun rag chews on the system, but it is important to observe this operating practice to allow others to join in or in case of any urgent or emergency traffic from another mode.  AND, if you have more than 2 people in a conversation it is really important to set up rotations of operators so that digital collisions and no one being heard won’t be a problem.

Regarding Wires-X operational repeaters:

IF you are a hotspot user, please see Skyhublink.com/WIres-X_Pistar under the “Connections” tab above.

IF you want to operate one of our FUSION repeaters on another link, for instance our Wires-X connections available on 449.625 Mt. Morrison, 449.600 Warren Mt. 447.950 Dillon, 447.400 Laramie/Cheyenne, 447.900 Pueblo, and 447.800 Loveland Fusion repeaters, please before switching announce with your callsign and that you want to switch that particular repeater (by frequency is fine) to another Wires-X room.  We ask that you don’t just do it cold without identifying.  But otherwise feel free to operate the Wires-X system on these repeaters and HAVE FUN!

448.350 is  NOT Wires-X switchable being locked to SkyHubLink permanently.  Please don’t use Wires-X mode on your radio for this repeater as you don’t need to be in Wires-X mode but simply “DN”.

ALSO, it is very important that you do not “KERCHUNK” the repeaters on the system.  This causes issues with the BRANDMEISTER DMR links and will lock out the DMR system which is bridged into the AllStar system.  Please do a full call and ask for a radio check if you are testing or just simply want to check if you are “making the repeater”.  The DMR and Fusion repeaters have virtually no squelch tail to hear.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Grand Mesa Sunset Photo

Photo: Grand Mesa Sunset: Site Includes the N2KNK,  449.650 Grand Junction Repeater