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General Information: KE0VH: ke0vh^


SkyHubLink is a 501-C3 organization and we have a board that oversees the system.

  • Jack Roland KEØVH President, System and Ops Manager
  • Skyler Fennell WØSKY VP and Chief Engineer – Contact for technical information
  • Paul Schumann KFØEYS Secretary/Treasurer
  • Keri Varela N2KNK WestCo System
  • Matt Leiphart KEØLNU
  • Daryl Orr W3ORR
  • Jeremy Lincicom WØJRL AllStar System Engineer
  • Tom Dall KD4DT
  • Richard Hanishewski VE5RH
  • “Bucky” Bill Buckwalter WØSUN Wires-X Systems Engineer
  • Dave Newmeyer NØKM
  • Gary Meier NC2WX

All of our email addresses are available at  Just click on our callsigns above, and let us know your questions, concerns, issues, or anything you would like to let the leadership of SkyHubLink know about.  Any one of us will be glad to respond.