WELCOME to the SkyHubLink Repeater listing page.  The following Repeaters are linked into the SkyHub on a permanent basis with exception to certain events.  We are updating this page regularly so check back often for new additions and information.

If you would like to add your repeater to the full-time link list, please head over to the contact section.  ALSO, please note below on 448.350 Fusion about trying to operate Wires-X.  448.350 is permanently locked into the SkyHubLink Wires-X room.  Do NOT try to change this repeater to other Wires-X rooms.  449.625 Mt. Morrison, 449.600 Mt. Warren/Littleton, 447.800 Loveland, 447.400 Laramie/Cheyenne, and 447.425 Colorado Springs ARE ok for changing and operating on any other Wires-X rooms and will return to SkyHubLink after a preset amount of time.  Any questions contact Jack at

448.300 Scott City, Kansas is now on air with SkyHubLink.  Maps and details to follow soon.

Main repeater list by region. Scroll down for individual repeater descriptions.


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Northern Front Range

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Milner Mountain I25, Loveland, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Boulder 447.800 (-) None Fusion ON-AIR
Milner Mountain I25, Loveland, Ft. Collins, Longmont, Boulder 448.400 (-) 94.8 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Laramie/Cheyenne Pilot Hill I-80 SE WY 447.400(-) None Fusion ON-AIR
Cheyenne Cheyenne WY 449.200 (-) None Fusion/YSF ON-AIR

Central Front Range area Colorado

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Squaw Mountain Wide area. Denver,I25,I70 to Eisenhower 449.450 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Morrison Mountain Wide area, Denver, I25 449.625 (-) NONE Fusion ON-AIR
Moffat Water Treatment Plant Denver 448.350 (-) NONE Fusion (Please do not change rooms) ON-AIR
Warren Mountain Littleton, South Denver 449.600 (-) NONE Fusion ON-AIR
Lookout Mountain Denver 927.9750(-) 67.0 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Guy Hill Denver 449.750(-) Time Slot 1 TG 310847 DMR ON-AIR
Denver Water Headquarters Denver 447.175(-) 186.2 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR

South Front Range

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Colorado Springs – Gardner Rock Springs. I25 Monument Hill to Fountain 449.850 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog TEMP STANDALONE, NOT LINKED
Baculite Mesa I25 Fountain to Walsenburg 449.575 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Colorado Springs Central city area 447.425 (-) None C4FM Fusion ON-AIR
Weston  I25 Walsenburg to Trinidad 145.310 Simplex at this time None C4FM Fusion ON-AIR
Bakulite Mesa I25 Fountain to Walsenburg 447.900 (-) None C4FM Fusion ON-AIR

Eastern Plains

Cedar Point, CO, I-70 Deer Trail to Limon447.650 (-)NoneFusionOn-AirFirst ViewFirst View, CO447.600(-)NoneFusionOn-AirHugo287 Limon to Hugo447.150 (-)NoneFusionOn-Air

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Sterling CO NE CO 145.295 (-) 100.0 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Stratton CO Stratton 146.895 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Akron Akron, CO 447.425 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Ft Morgan I-76 Ft Morgan, Brush, Wiggins 146.925(-) 100.0 CTCSS Analog Coming Soon!
Holyoke Hwy 6, From Sterling into KS 146.955(-) 100.0 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Villas Baca County 446.7625 (-) CC7 TS2 DMR ON-AIR

Colorado Mountains

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Mt. Princeton Arkansas Valley, Buena Vista, Salida 448.400 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Silverthorne, CO Dillon, Breckenridge 146.700 (-) 107.2 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Dillon Lake Roberts Tunnel Dillon, Breckenridge 447.950 (-) None Fusion ON-AIR
Grand Lake Grand Lake, Granby, Fraser 448.250 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Craig Craig, CO 445.025, 447.200 (-) TG 310847, NONE DMR, Fusion ON-AIR
Bailey, Park County Highway 285 Morrison to Kenosha Pass 146.895 (-) 100.0 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Sacramento Mtn South Park 447.125 (-) 103.5 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Storm Peak  Steamboat Springs 447.425 (-) None YSF (Fusion) Digital ON-AIR
San Luis Valley Monte Vista 449.625 (-) 94.8 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
San Luis Valley  Center 447.100 (-) 77.0 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR

Western Slope

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
Grand Mesa Wide Area I-70 Fruita, Junction, Palliside 449.650 (-) 151.4 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Waterdog Mountain Wide Area, Montrose, US50, Delta 448.650 (-) 151.4 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Tenderfoot Mountain Gunnison CO 447.650 (-) 151.4 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Blackridge Mountain Grand Junction 447.175(-) 151.4 CTCSS Analog/NXDN ON-AIR
Durango Local Durango 146.28(-) 103.5 Analog COMING SOON!

Other Locations

 Location Service Area Frequency and offset Access Code Mode Operational Status
West Peak Socorro NM Wide Area I-25, Albuquerque to TRC 442.125 (+) 123.9 CTCSS Analog ON-AIR
Scottsbluff, NE Scottsbluff, Gering 444.825 (+) 100.0 CTCSS Analog OFF AIR
Auburn, CA Wide Area 147.360 (+) NONE Fusion ON-AIR


Canada 442.000 (+) None Fusion ON-AIR
Scott City


Scott City 448.300 (-) 88.5 CTCSS Analog Not Connected
Spokane WA Wide Area 444.500 (+) NONE Fusion ON-AIR

449.450 – (103.5) K1DUN/R Squaw Mountain,Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is located on Squaw Mountain at an elevation of 11,440 Feet and is provided by the Rocky Mountain Radio League .

Squaw Mountain provides wide area coverage: west to the Continental Divide, south to Colorado Springs, east to Limon, and north to Cheyenne. Please see the RMRL repeater page for more information.

The Hub is linked into the repeater through the AllStar Link System.

Right: Squaw Mountain Antenna Array ( Courtesy RMRL ) 

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.450 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.450 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  103.5 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM


449.750  KI0GO Guy Hill, Denver, Colorado

This repeater offers DMR Digital coverage and is also provided by the Rocky Mountain Radio League. The SkyHub is accessed by this repeater through the BrandMeister network. To use this repeater, you need a DMR radio.

The SkyHub is usually on the repeater’s time slot 1 on the 310847 talk group. To program this in your radio, typically you will need to create a new contact with 310847, and then program a new channel to use that contact as a group call on the repeater frequency.

Guy Hill Repeater Site, Courtesy RMRL

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.750 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.750 MHz
 Color Code  1
 Time Slot  1
 Talkgroup  310847 Group Call

448.350 –  KD0SSP/R – Denver Water (Moffat) Treatment Plant (Fusion)

Provided by the Denver Water Amateur Radio Club, This repeater offers the Yaesu System Fusion C4FM digital mode from the radio tower at the water treatment plant. This offers excellent mobile and HT coverage in the Denver area, and coverage back up into the canyons in the mountains where some of the mountaintop repeaters are shadowed


448.350 is permanently locked into the SkyHubLink Wires-X room.  Do NOT try to change rooms on this repeater.  See our other Wires-X enabled repeaters for that operation.

Photo: Repeater accessed by a FTM-400 Fusion Radio

 Transmit Output Frequency  448.350 MHz
 Receive Frequency  443.350 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room (Permanent) SKYHUBLINK
 Wires-X Room Number  46361

449.625 KE0VH/R – Mt. Morrison Denver, Colorado (Fusion)

This machine is located on Mt. Morrison just south of Golden, and provides Wires-X capability.

The Wires-X IS steerable, and any room can be joined.  to change Wires-X rooms please use the following instructions:

1. Put your radio in Wires-X mode to see what room the repeater is on.
if on SKYHUBLINK, say something to the effect “This is (callsign) is the 449.625 repeater in use?”

If not, (which will be most of the time probably) say your callsign and say that you are switching 449.625 to (Room) “America Link”, “TexasNexus”, etc.
Remember the repeater switches back to “SKYHUBLINK” after a half hour, so if using it you will have to switch back manually.

2. PLEASE DON’T leave the repeater locked into another room just for monitoring purposes only. Making contacts is great, listening for awhile to see who is on is fine, making contacts is encouraged but just using for personal background monitoring is not.

3. If not using the repeater please switch back to “SKYHUBLINK” although after a pre-determined time it will switch back automatically.  During our Monday Night Net it will be locked into the “SKYHUBLINK” at 7pm Mtn Time.

4. HAVE FUN! N3ZF Bernie has worked more than 80 countries and many states on 449.625 on the America Link room 21080. The world is online for your choice to make contacts with!

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.625 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.625 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  SKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  46361 / Steerable

449.600 – N0PUF/R Littleton Colorado (Fusion)

This repeater offers coverage from Warren Mountain in the southwestern and western corridor along C-470, plus full metro coverage east and north of I-70.   It is provided by the Denver RadioLeague.  It is Wires-X capable and steerable to different Wires-X rooms.NØPUF/R Denver Radio League site on Warren Mtn southwest of Denver.   If you switch it to another Wires-X room, it will return to the SKYHUBLINK after a predetermined amount of time.


 Transmit Output Frequency  449.600 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.600 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  SKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  46361 / Steerable

447.800 K0SVT/R – Milner Mtn,   Loveland, Colorado (Fusion)

This repeater offers coverage from north Denver, north Aurora, and way out towards Strasburg Co, and north to the Wyoming line, Greeley, Milliken, Ft. Collins, Loveland, Longmont and more.  This repeater is home based on SkyHubLink Wires-X room 46361, but is Wires-X steerable to all rooms available.   

927.9750 – (pl 67.0) W0SKY/R Denver, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater offers coverage on the 33cm band in Denver and is located on Lookout Mountain. This repeater is built by W0SKY, and has a sector antenna giving 180 degree coverage in the front range. Excellent 900 HT coverage is offered in downtown Denver.

This is currently one of the only Analog repeaters on 900MHz in the front range, and will hopefully encourage more hams to experiment with the band.

The split is 25.9375MHz. The reason for the odd split is to deal with interference problems on the mountaintop.

This repeater is Linked in through AllStar link node 40195.

Left Photo: Wide Beam Sector antenna facing towards the city. (w0sky)

Right Photo: Repeater in the rack at lookout (w0sky)

 Transmit Output Frequency  927.9750 MHz
 Receive Frequency  902.0375 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  67.0 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  67.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 40195

449.850 – (pl 103.5) N2SKY/R Colorado Springs, Colorado (Analog)


This repeater offers coverage throughout Colorado Springs and is located at Gardner Rock. I-25 coverage spans from Monument Pass to just North of Pueblo.


 Transmit Output Frequency 449.850 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.850 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  103.5 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  103.5 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 40197

448.400 – N2SKY Loveland/Mt. Milner (Analog)

The Cliff Mikkelsen NØZUQ Memorial repeater is also located on Milner Mountain NW of Loveland CO with coverage from north of Ft. Collins to I-25 around 120th Avenue in Thornton.

 Transmit Output Frequency  448.400 MHz
 Receive Frequency  443.400 MHz
 PL   94.8
Linked to SkyHubLink  Via AllStar/analog

146.895 – 103.5 pl KEØAE Stratton CO (Analog)

The KEØAE Analog 146.895 repeater went on air 07/11/2021 on SkyHubLink thru the AllStar SkyHubLink 46079.  Thanks to Mike KØMC, Bill, KD0OXW, and the crew out there for helping us get the coverage out east along I-70 and the eastern plains towards Kansas.

 Transmit Output Frequency  146.895 MHz
 Receive Frequency 146.295 MHz
 PL  103.5
Linked to SkyHubLink  Via AllStar/analog

447.425 – (pl 103.5) N2SKY/R Akron, Colorado (Analog)

Thanks to Derek KCØLCD, Skyler WØSKY, Tom KD4DT, Paul KFØEYS, Daniel KFØFDF, and Jack KEØVH (in the pictures below) for the work and help in getting the NEW Akron CO 447.425 repeater on the air from the site just west of Akron CO.  This repeater replaces the older Akron repeater with a much wider coverage over the NE I-76 corridor, with solid communication for Akron, Otis, Ft. Morgan, Brush, up to Sterling and the Pawnee Grasslands area as well.  This UHF repeater has great overlap for the Sterling and Holyoke, and the coverage along the north front range.

 Transmit Output Frequency  447.425 MHz
 Receive Frequency  442.425 MHz
 PL   103.5
Linked to SkyHubLink  Via AllStar/analog

447.400 (-) KE0DNL/R Laramie/Cheyenne WY (Fusion)














Derek KCØLCD on the tower at the 100 foot level getting ready for the antenna hoist, and Skyler working in the building on mounting the repeater in the rack

The view to the west from the antenna mounting point of Laramie WY


Jack KEØVH, Skyler WØSKY, and Daryl W3ORR getting things ready!

Transmit Output Frequency 447.400
 Receive Frequency 442.400
Digital ID/Offset 00/-5 mhz
Wires-X Room Steerable/ 46361 SkyHubLink

Thanks to Derek KCØLCD, Daryl W3ORR, and Skyler for the help in getting it on air.  Large coverage area!

The repeater coverage for SE Wyoming from Pilot Hill east of Laramie

449.200 (-) W3ORR/R Cheyenne WY (Fusion YSF)

The new Fusion linked to SkyHubLink via YSF Reflector 92722 (not Wires-X or steerable) is on air from SE Cheyenne at the QTH of Daryl W3ORR.  This repeater fills in the city and beyond where the Pilot Hill repeater was overshooting coverage of the main Cheyenne area.  You will need a Yaesu C4FM Fusion capable digital radio to work this repeater.

Coverage of 449.200 W3ORR/R

447.900 – KD0SBN/R Pueblo CO (Fusion)

Steve KDØSBN in Pueblo runs the Fusion/Wires-X repeater soon to move to Bakulite Mesa alongside the analog 449.575.  It is on the air now serving Pueblo and a large area around.

 Transmit Output Frequency 447.900
 Receive Frequency 442.900
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  SKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  46361 / Steerable

447.425 (-) N2SKY/R Steamboat Springs CO (Fusion YSF)

The repeater is located at the top of the Storm Peak Ski lift above Steamboat and serves the Yampa and Emerald Valley area’s out to Hayden and Craig.  Thanks to Don of KBCR/KRAI Radio for providing our internet link.  Thanks to Keri N2KNK for providing the repeater antenna and Vic Michael of RF Towers LLC for allowing us to be on the site.

 Transmit Output Frequency  447.425 MHz
 Receive Frequency  442.425 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
YSF Fusion (Permanent)  YSF Fusion Digital
 YSF Reflector Number  92722

449.625 – (pl 94.8) Monte Vista, Colorado (Analog) 

447.100 – (pl 77.0) Center, Colorado (Analog) 

Thanks to Dave NØKM and Bob NO1PB for setting up and the S.A.R.A group for the operation of the repeaters in the San Luis Valley.  More information and a coverage map are coming soon.

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.625 & 447.100 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.625 & 442.100 MHz
 PL   94.8 and 77.0
Linked to SkyHubLink  Via AllStar/analog

442.125 – (pl 123.0) KC5ORO/R Socorro, New Mexico (Analog)

Located on West Peak near the New Mexico Tech Campus in Socorro NM, this repeater provides tremendous Southern New Mexico Coverage along I-25 North to Albuquerque, South of Truth or Consequences and West to Magdalena. This repeater was installed by W0SKY and is linked to AllStar link via an RF link to the campus engineering building. The repeater is maintained by the New Mexico Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA). 

Right: Repeater Rack (w0sky)

Below: View from Mountain (w0sky)

 Transmit Output Frequency  442.125 MHz
 Receive Frequency  447.125 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 45499

Limon, Cedar Point, Hugo, and Stratton along I-70 on the Eastern Plains

Thanks to Bill, KD0OXW for linking his repeaters (Digital side) to the Wires-X 46361 SkyHubLink Room.  These repeaters are also fully Wires-X steerable so you can connect them to other Wires-X rooms, then they will “homeroom” on SHL 46361.

Analog can be used locally around the repeaters, Fusion digital is linked to SHL in DN mode only on your Fusion radio.  Please do not use VW mode.  This will not be heard over the linked system.

  1. Cedar Point CO, 447.650 digital is KD0OXW-CDR.  Locally analog pl 103.5  Analog is NOT linked.
  2. First View CO, 447.600 digital is KD0OXW-FV.  Locally analog pl 103.5  Analog is NOT linked.
  3. Hugo CO, KD0OXW 447.150 Digital ONLY at this time.

WELCOME BILL and all the hams out east on the plains!

146.895 – (100.0) ABØPC/R (Bailey, Colorado (Analog).

447.125 – (103.5) AA0BF/R (Sacramento Mtn, Colorado (Analog).

Thanks to Mike ABØRR and all the Park county Amateur Radio Club for the addition of the Dick Mtn and Sacramento Mtn repeaters to the SkyHubLink.  These repeaters are connected full time with exceptions of club meetings on Monday nights and some other functions.  See their website at for the latest information and club activities.

449.650 – (151.4) N2KNK/R (Grand Junction, Colorado (Analog).

This repeater is owned and maintained by Keri, N2KNK and offers a large footprint near Grand Junction from the top of Grand mesa. This is permanently linked to the Montrose and Gunnison repeaters through an RF link. This repeater offers wide-area coverage along US-50 and I-70 and good HT coverage into Grand Junction.

Photo, View from the top of Grand mesa looking North ( w0sky) 

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

448.650 – (pl 151.4) N2KNK/R Waterdog Mtn Montrose, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is also provided by Keri, and offers wide-area coverage in the montrose area from Waterdog peak. It is full-time linked to Grand Junction and Gunnison through an RF link.

 Transmit Output Frequency  448.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  443.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

447.650 – (pl 151.4) N2KNK/R Gunnison Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is also provided by Keri, and offers wide-area coverage in the Gunnison area from W mountain or Tenderfoot peak. It is full-time linked to Grand Junction and Montrose through an RF link. Coverage is provided into the Gunnison valley and East and west along Highway 50.

 Transmit Output Frequency  447.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  442.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

447.175  – (151.4) N2KNK/R Grand Junction, Colorado (Analog and NXDN RAM 11 from BlackRidge Mtn).

The NEW (May 16th) 447.175 Repeater covering from Utah down to Montrose across the Grand Junction valley is on the air and filling in an area previously not covered or covered sporadically.  It is also NXDN capable on RAM 11 digital, both linked to SkyHubLink.


448.400 – (PL 103.5) N2SKY Mt. Princeton Salida/Buena Vista (Analog)

The Arkansas Valley from north of Buena Vista to SE of Salida is covered by the repeater from 10,800 feet on the eastern slope of Mt. Princeton in the Collegiate range in Central Colorado.  The link radio for the system is located at the Chaffee County EOC.


448.250 – (pl 103.5) W5WCA Grand Lake CO (Analog)

Cris W5WCA runs this fulltime analog repeater in Grand Lake CO linked to the AllStar connection for the SkyHubLink

444.825 + N0PRG/R Craig CO (YSF 446.725 -) & (445.025 – DMR TG 310847)

Digital coverage both YSF (Fusion) and DMR in the Yampa Valley thanks to Danny NØPRG.  More is coming with a analog repeater on 145.250 on Werner Mountain Steamboat Springs soon.  Stand by!

444.825 + (pl 100.0) N0NEB/R Scottsbluff Nebraska (Analog)

AllStar node 50620 is now online linked to the SkyHub on the N0NEB/R 444.825 repeater located at the Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff.  + offset, PL 100hz.  The AllStar link is operated by Larry KCØWVE and the repeater is owned by the Tri City Amateur Radio Club and maintained by Larry.  Output is 45 watts.

145.295 – (pl 100.0) WAØJTB Sterling NE (Analog)

We now have SkyHubLink coverage over a large portion of NE CO with the addition on July 10 2021 of the repeater located just east of Sterling run by our good friend Kent NØONL.  This repeater is tied into the system via AllStar.  Pictures to come soon, so check back often.

 Transmit Output Frequency  145.295 MHz
 Receive Frequency  144.695 MHz
 PL  100.0
Linked to SkyHubLink  Via AllStar/analog

147.360 – K6IOK Rocklin CA (Fusion Wires-X)

Located just East of Rocklin California near Akron along I-80 this Fusion digital repeater serves from NE of Sacramento and the counties around Rocklin.  It is also part of the Placer County Emergency Network.  Thanks to Jeff AK6OK for hooking up with us on the SkyHubLink system.  The repeater is steerable to whatever Wires-X room you want to use in the local area, but will default back to the SkyHubLink Wires-X room 46361 after a certain period of time.

 Transmit Output Frequency 147.360
 Receive Frequency 147.960
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  SKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  61448 / Steerable
444.500 – AE7RJ Spokane WA (Fusion Wires-X) and analog
Downlink: 444.50000
Uplink: 449.50000a
Offset: +5.0 MHzb
Uplink Tone: 136.5
Downlink Tone: 136.5
YSF Digital Enabled
DG-ID: Open ↑ / Open ↓
WIRES-X: 55626
County: Spokane
GPS*: 47.34460000 -117.17510000
Grid: DN17JI
Call: AE7RJ
Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air
Coverage: Covers most of Spokane County
FM: Yes; analog capable.
Analog Bandwidth: 25.0 kHz
Commands: DN and VW modes available

442.000 + offset VA5SKY/R Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Fusion)

VA5SKY Fusion Wires-X is on the air on SkyHubLink covering a 50 km radius around Saskatoon in Canada.  Thanks to Rich VE5RH for setting up this fine system north of the border on SkyHubLink!

DR-2X Repeater, 125 watt TPL  amplifier (LMS) series.

 Transmit Output Frequency  442.000 MHz
 Receive Frequency  447.000 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room (Steerable) (Steerable to other Wires-X Rooms
 Wires-X Room Number  46361