The following Repeaters are linked into the SkyHub on a permanent basis with exception to certain events.

If you would like to add your repeater to the full-time link list, please head over to the contact section.

449.450 – (103.5) K1DUN/R Squaw Mountain,Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is located on Squaw Mountain at an elevation of 11,440 Feet and is provided by the Rocky Mountain Radio League .


Squaw Mountain provides wide area coverage: west to the Continental Divide, south to Colorado Springs, east to Limon, and north to Cheyenne. Please see the RMRL repeater page for more information.

The Hub is linked into the repeater through the AllStar Link System.

Right: Squaw Mountain Antenna Array ( Courtesy RMRL ) 

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.450 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.450 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  103.5 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM


449.750  KI0GO Guy Hill, Denver, Colorado

This repeater offers DMR Digital coverage and is also provided by the Rocky Mountain Radio League. The SkyHub is accessed by this repeater through the BrandMeister network. Touse this repeater, you need a DMR radio.

The SkyHub is usually on the repeater’s time slot 1 on the 310847 talk group. To program this in your radio, typically you will need to create a new contact with 310847, and then program a new channel to use that contact as a group call on the repeater frequency.

Guy Hill Repeater Site, Courtesy RMRL

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.750 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.750 MHz
 Color Code  1
 Time Slot  1
 Talkgroup  310847 Group Call

448.350 –  KD0SSP/R – Denver Water (Moffat) Treatment Plant (Fusion)

Provided by the Denver Water Amateur Radio Club, This repeater offers the Yaesu System Fusion C4FM digital mode from the radio tower at the water treatment plant. This offers excellent mobile and HT coverage in the Denver area, and coverage back up into the canyons in the mountains where some of the mountaintop repeaters are shadowed.

This is permanency linked to the DENVERSKYHUBLINK Wires-X room and can be accessed from any Wires-X enabled Yaesu Fusion repeater around the world.

Photo: Repeater accessed by a FTM-400 Fusion Radio

 Transmit Output Frequency  448.350 MHz
 Receive Frequency  443.350 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room (Permanent) DENVERSKYHUBLINK
 Wires-X Room Number  46361

449.625 KE0VH/R – Lookout Mountain (Golden) Denver, Colorado (Fusion)

This machine is located on Lookout Mountain just west of Golden, and provides Wires-X capability as well.

The Wires-X is steerable, and and room can be joined. Please use the following instructions provided by Jack KEØVH for steering this repeater:

1. Put your radio in Wires-X mode to see what room the repeater is on.
if on DENVERSKYHUBLINK, say something to the effect “This is (callsign

) is the 449.625 repeater in use?”
If not, (which will be most of the time probably) “Callsign” switching 449.625 t

o (Room) “America Link”, “TexasNexus”,
Remember the repeater switches back to “DENVERSKYHUBLINK” after an hour, so if using it you will have to switch back manually.

2. PLEASE DON’T leave the repeater locked into another room just for monitoring purposes only. Making contacts is great, listening for awhile to see who is on is fine, making contacts is encouraged but just using for personal background monitoring is not.

3. If not using the repeater please switch back to “DENVERSKYHUBLINK” although after a pre-determined time it will switch back automatically.  During our Monday Night Net it will be locked into the “DENVERSKYHUBLINK” at 7pm Mtn Time.

4. HAVE FUN! N3ZF Bernie has worked more than 80 countries and many states on 449.625 on the America Link room 21080. The world is online for your choice to make contacts with!

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.625 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.625 MHz
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  DENVERSKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  46361 / Steerable

449.600 – N0PUF/R Littleton Colorado (Fusion)

This repeater offers coverage from Warren Mountain in the southwestern and western corridor along C-470, plus full metro coverage east and north of I-70.   It is provided by the Denver Radio League.  It is Wires-X capable and steerable to different Wires-X rooms.NØPUF/R Denver Radio League site on Warren Mtn southwest of Denver.

927.9750 – (pl 67.0) W0SKY/R Denver, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater offers coverage on the 33cm band in Denver and is located on Lookout Mountain. This repeater is built by W0SKY, and has a sector antenna giving 180 degree coverage in the front range. Excellent 900 HT coverage is offered in downtown Denver.

This is currently one of the only Analog repeaters on 900MHz in the front range, and will hopefully encourage more hams to experiment with the band.

The split is 25.9375MHz. The reason for the odd split is to deal with interference problems on the mountaintop.

This repeater is Linked in through AllStar link node 40195.

Left Photo: Wide Beam Sector antenna facing towards the city. (w0sky)

Right Photo: Repeater in the rack at lookout (w0sky)

 Transmit Output Frequency  927.9750 MHz
 Receive Frequency  902.0375 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  67.0 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  67.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 40195

147.360 – K6IOK Rocklin CA (Fusion Wires-X)

Located just East of Rocklin Califonia near Akron along I-80 this Fusion digital repeater serves from NE of Sacramento and the counties around Rocklin.  It is also part of the Placer County Emergency Network.  Thanks to Jeff AK6OK for hooking up with us on the SkyHubLink system.  The repeater is steerable to whatever Wires-X room you want to use in the local area, but will default back to the SkyHubLink Wires-X room 46361 after a certain period of time.

 Transmit Output Frequency 147.360
 Receive Frequency 147.960
 Digital ID   NONE / OPEN
Wires-X Room  SKYHUBLINK / Steerable
 Wires-X Room Number  61448 / Steerable

442.125 – (pl 123.0) KC5ORO/R Socorro, New Mexico (Analog)

Located on West Peak near the New Mexico Tech Campus in Socorro NM, this repeater provides tremendous Southern New Mexico Coverage along I-25 North to Albuquerque, South of Truth or Consequences and West to Magdalena. This repeater was installed by W0SKY and is linked to AllStar link via an RF link to the campus engineering building. The repeater is maintained by the New Mexico Tech Amateur Radio Association (TARA). 

Right: Repeater Rack (w0sky)

Below: View from Mountain (w0sky)

 Transmit Output Frequency  442.125 MHz
 Receive Frequency  447.125 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  123.0 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 45499

449.650 – (151.4) KB0YNA/R Grand Junction, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is owned and maintained by Keri, KB0YNA and offers a large footprint near Grand Junction from the top of Grand mesa. This is permanently linked to the Montrose and Gunnison repeaters through an RF link. This repeater offers wide-area coverage along US-50 and I-70 and good HT coverage into Grand Junction.

Photo, View from the top of Grand mesa looking North ( w0sky) 

 Transmit Output Frequency  449.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  444.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

448.650 – (pl 151.4) KB0YNA/R Montrose, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is also provided by Keri, and offers wide-area coverage in the montrose area from Waterdog peak. It is full-time linked to Grand Junction and Gunnison through an RF link.

 Transmit Output Frequency  448.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  443.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

447.650 – (pl 151.4) KB0YNA/R Gunnison, Colorado (Analog)

This repeater is also provided by Keri, and offers wide-area coverage in the Gunnison area from W mountain or Tenderfoot peak. It is full-time linked to Grand Junction and Montrose through an RF link. Coverage is provided into the Gunnison valley and East and west along Highway 50.

 Transmit Output Frequency  447.650 MHz
 Receive Frequency  442.650 MHz
 Uplink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Downlink CTCSS  151.4 Hz
 Mode  Analog FM. AllStar 41304

444.825 + (pl 100.0) N0NEB/R Scottsbluff Nebraska (Analog)

AllStar node 50620 is now online linked to the SkyHub on the N0NEB/R 444.825 repeater located at the Regional West Medical Center in Scottsbluff.  + offset, PL 100hz.  The AllStar link is operated by Robert KC8GPD and the repeater is owned by the Tri City Amateur Radio Club and maintained by Larry KCØWVE.  Output is 45 watts.

442.950 SIMPLEX (pl 67.0) N6JER Rocklin CA (Analog)

N6JER Simplex node is on the air from central Rocklin CA, operated by Jeremy N6JER.  Coverage includes the general Rocklin area, NE of Sacramento CA.