NEW FUSION REPEATERS on the Eastern Plains

SkyHubLink is VERY HAPPY to welcome 3 new repeaters on the eastern plains to SkyHubLink!

Thanks to Bill, KD0OXW for linking his repeaters (Digital side) to the Wires-X 46361 SkyHubLink Room.  These repeaters are also fully Wires-X steerable so you can connect them to other Wires-X rooms, then they will “homeroom” on SHL 46361.

Analog can be used locally, digital linked to SHL in DN mode only on your Fusion radio.  Please do not use VW mode.  This will not be heard over the linked system.

The new repeaters:

  1. Cedar Point CO, 447.650 digital is KD0OXW-CDR.  Locally analog pl 103.5  Analog is NOT linked.
  2. First View CO, 447.600 digital is KD0OXW-FV.  Locally analog pl 103.5  Analog is NOT linked.
  3. Hugo CO, KD0OXW 447.150 Digital ONLY at this time.

WELCOME BILL and all the hams out east on the plains!

We are working on coverage maps to come soon to the “Coverage” page on