SkyHub Link Net Schedule

Monday: 7 PM MTN All linked repeaters

SkyHub Link Society of Broadcast Engineers NET

This net is run by the administrator of the SkyHub, Jack KE0VH. The net talks about topics related to Radio Broadcast and Amateur Radio.

It is open and ALL Amateur Radio operators are asked to check in with us.  If you would like to be on the NET email list contact Jack at

Please see this link for more information:

IF you would like to have a NET on the SkyHub Link system contact us for scheduling and information.


Monday Nights, 8:30PM Rocky Mtn Radio League NET

449.450 disconnects from the SkyHub Links at 8:15PM, then combines with the RMRL’s 146.940


Saturday 7PM MTN time, 9PM Eastern  449.625 Wires X Fusion

The America Link Wires X International NET 

The 449.625 KE0VH repeater is usually connected to Wires X Fusion room “AMERICA LINK” on Saturday evenings for this net.